Our True Purpose

By September 19, 2016 September 23rd, 2016 Thought for the week

“What is our true purpose? 

To express the attributes of God”

Have you ever thought about your purpose for being here, alive on this planet right now? Often when we do, we think it is a particular role we play as a human being – mother, father, teacher, minister, care-worker, etc.

Yet all these roles will change, as that is the nature of life on earth. And human nature does not seem to like change.

Instead, what about the idea that our role is based on something that will never change? In Unity we describe this as our spiritual nature, our Divine Self.

As a spiritual being we have a purpose. Rev. J. Douglas Bottorff, in his book A Practical Guide to Meditation and Prayer, defines our soul purpose as expressing the attributes or qualities of God. Whether this is love, kindness, joy, freedom, harmony, fulfilment etc, when we live and have our being through these divine qualities (our Christ nature) we carry this through into everything we do.
As one of our Unity students, Beth, described at our last retreat, it is not so much what we should do as to what we are to be. Then whatever we choose to do will bring satisfaction and fulfilment. What are the God qualities you choose to connect with and express this week? Whatever they are, they will bless you and the world around you.

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