Our Spoken Word-Thought for the Week

By August 6, 2015 Thought for the week
“Every word we speak is saturated with energy that will create or destroy.” 
The Quest, Ch. 20
Richard and Mary-Alice Jafolla

Our words are like laser beams of light – focused energy that express our thoughts in a directed way.  Our thoughts often go in all sorts of directions. However when we speak our thoughts we are setting up potent vibrations in our bodies. Speaking, hearing and feeling our thoughts impresses them more fully on our consciousness than merely thinking them. And the more energy behind the spoken word, the more potent the power.

What are we speaking? Are we building up our bodies, relationships and our world or are we tearing them down?

Take a moment to reflect on your spoken words today.  Notice the common statements you speak.  If they are not supportive, they affect you as the speaker and anyone around you that hears them, for we are vibrational beings. Every cell and atom in our bodies will respond to the energy we speak and feel.

So the invitation is to make a conscious effort this week to notice our words – for we have the power to change them and make them work for us and our world. When we recognise that we have said something we would not say again, we can say, “Cancel” to stop it.  Even use our arms to draw the action of a cross in front of us. Then speak words of divine truth and power which bless, support, uplift and heal. Or stay quiet!

As we speak words of absolute truth like, “I am healed, strong and well”, we are speaking of our absolute truth of being, and all of nature will respond to make this so, as long as we keep speaking these focused words of power.

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  • Gregory Porilo says:

    The sentiment of this article is perfectly echoed in the lyrics to hymn 244. “My spoken word shall potent be, to bring my precious own to me. “

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