Our Spiritual Preparations

By November 27, 2020 Christmas and Advent, Newsletter

Advent is almost upon us! Our time of spiritual preparation for Christmas – and also for the deeper meaning this season can hold for us.

Personally, I believe that most of us are almost ready to celebrate Christmas. Certainly, a lot of us are enjoying the Christmas carols and decorated Christmas Trees. And I am sure the light, sparkle and cheerful music are things we are all looking for nowadays, to uplift our spirits.

Yet, truthfully, the real upliftment comes from within. Therefore, before we celebrate Christmas Day, let us discover what Advent is really about as that very special time of preparation:

  • We may have busy days as we prepare for Christmas but let’s also be encouraged, in the longer evenings and nights, to step back a little and withdraw from the world
  • Close the curtains, light the fire, and take time to reflect
  • Get quiet and still – and turn our attention inward to the felt experience of God that is forever in our midst, where we can find true upliftment
  • Nurture this time of feeling grounded and connected with mother earth; gathering strength, feeling supported and held
  • Seeing this time as becoming almost a womb-like experience – creating a space of caring, of resting, of being held in spaciousness and love
  • Instead of resisting the darkness and the long dark evenings, we can then harness the darkness, prioritise our spiritual preparation and practice, that this time of year provides

At the end of Advent, we celebrate Christmas – represented by the birth of the Christ-child and the light that is reborn.

Just as the baby is born from his mother’s womb, so we are reborn. Out of this time of deep rest and stillness, the light in us comes forth.

This is our faith, our spiritual practice and preparation, so that we may really know the light that is always here, no matter our experience, and help others know the light in them as well.

All of us at Unity wish you and your loved ones an Advent season that supports and deeply holds you. May your Christmas be a time of light, joy and sparkle!

We have been through a lot this year, but the light is dawning, in the world and in us.


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