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As we begin to move out of lock-down, I have noticed workers returning to the building sites that have now re-opened. Walking around my local town, there is a renewed sense of energy and purpose as the men and women pick up their jobs once more. It is a good feeling.

We all need a purpose – something we can focus our energies on. One of the Truth statements for me is, ‘When I give I receive’. Giving and sharing our talents, our joy, our time, our energy, fills us with renewed joy and energy in return. And there is always something of ourselves that we can give.

For me, and for many people I know, this time has given us the opportunity to reflect and meditate on what is important to us: Who we are and want to be and how we want to respond to this event and to life as it unfolds. Times of quiet reflection, prayer and meditation will always benefit us.

Thus, as we begin to get out and do more, still safely and wisely of course, I have been thinking about who I want to be as I do so.  For I have seen this time as one for transformation – together we are finding a new way of living with each other, helping each other, supporting and encouraging each other – a new way of being.

Personally, I have deeply appreciated spending more time at home and in my garden. Not dashing somewhere all the time has been a joy for me. I feel better as I am putting less pollution in the air and my life is quieter. Paul and I have been exploring our local area on foot, discovering new places and saying hello to many more people, as we respond to the need to connect with each other.

I appreciate even more the daily group prayer and meditation times we share. Each day, whether I am enjoying my time here in the office or at home, I have felt deeply enriched by our growing Zoom Silent Unity prayer meetings. The shared energy blesses each of us online, as well as everyone whom we hold in prayer together. Another truth statement for me has become, ‘The love we share through prayer, grows exponentially’.

So, what brings you the most joy? What increases your energy? Whatever this is, you can confidently know it is these activities that you are here to do. In many ways, your life purpose is to be and do what brings you most joy; then share that joy with the world.  The more joy you bring to what you do and the more joy that you allow to rise up through you, the more you will do what you love and the greater your energy and joy will increase. Indeed, new avenues will open ahead that will further increase your joy.  It is out of this joy that your abundance flows.

You are here in your body for a reason. The energy that is God, is always expressing perfectly through you and as you. Our role is to connect and align with this sublime energy – each day taking some quiet time to release the blocks (thoughts, feelings, beliefs) that stop our experience of the flow. As we stop the old hamster wheel of blame and shame, let go and let God be God as us, our joy will grow.  Believe in yourself. You are a magnificent being, one with All That God Is in every moment. And know that we believe in you. At any time we are here to connect with you in quiet prayer and celebrate the You that you are.


Rev. Kimerie Mapletoft


  • Mr Kenneth Burnett says:

    I would just like to say a big THANK YOU to all at Unity UK for all the lovely emails, web articles and never ceasing prayer giving, It is all greatly appreciated.

  • Unity UK says:

    It is our honour and joy, thank you so much for taking the time to write, and for being part of our Unity family. Blessings

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