Our Divine Imperfection

“It is my sacred contract to live in a state of
divine imperfection.”

Have you ever heard or used the phrase “practise makes perfect”? Do we undertake a spiritual practice in order to become more perfect? Are we trying to “do it right” or “get it right”?

In Truth, we are already perfect. But we know and we witness that which we deem less than perfect. Could it be that we are experiencing a process of Divine Imperfection?

In a You Tube video, Unity minister Rev. Ed Townley offers this thought: As we make creative choices, and occasionally make “mistakes”, these “mistakes” can be seen as opportunities to make new choices. And step by step, choice by choice, our creativity moves us closer to our next highest expression of our divinity, through our humanity.

One of Rev.Tom Thorpe’s favourite sayings is: “If a thing is worth doing, it’s worth doing badly”! Why? Because we learn one way of what doesn’t work – and we get to choose again!

The Japanese have a phrase “wabi-sabi” which is loosely translated as “to find profound beauty in imperfection”. Through Divine Imperfection we make the choices that help create the profound beauty of our lives and our world.

-Nancy Sandoval

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