Nudged Higher-Thought for the Week

By May 28, 2015 Thought for the week

People often ask: If God is good why do bad things happen?

Anything which we experience as bad or evil is a lack of love, light or peace in our minds and hearts. This happens only when we feel separate from God.  Here we will feel pain and cause pain in ourselves or others, consciously and unconsiously.

Thus everything that seems to be bad is to remind us to turn our attention back to God – back to love, light and peace. Back to what we really are.

The Christ within, the part of us which is divine, pure and knows it is one with God, will always nudge us in this direction. It may be a gentle nudge, it may be a strong push.  Either way, we are being reminded that darkness has no existence of its own – it is simply the absence of light.  Shine the light in the darkness, and it vanishes.

Ours is to shine our light and see the light in each other.  In each moment we can choose to respond in this way.

We are not getting rid of the darkness, we are remembering the light.

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