Nothing is Wrong

By December 13, 2018 Thought for the week

“As peace, I know nothing is wrong.”

This thought can be a very difficult one to grab hold of and begin to accept. We see chaos, disorder and expressions of fear and anger being expressed. The activities in Paris, France come to mind right at this moment.

However, even in the midst of life we can access and abide in our centre of peace. We can choose to surrender and let go of our thoughts about a person or event being wrong. We can choose to be non-resistant and focus, instead, on the underlying truth – that all of God is available and present in each moment to experience, see and share in the world.

When we judge something as ‘wrong’ we become part of the problem. But when we choose to know instead that nothing is wrong, we become the vessel of peace, wisdom, good judgement and right action, right where we are. And this then impacts our world. This changes us and changes our world.

Perhaps this is what focusing on peace means, especially throughout Advent. For me, the more awakened and connected I become to the Christ Presence as me, the more others are free to do the same – our lights shine and our world is transformed. Let this be our gift to the world this Christmas.



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