A Silent Unity Inspirational Pack for 2019

January is a time of new beginnings and possibilities and we are delighted to support you with our pack:

Included in the pack:

– Prayer, Blessings and Meditations

– Pocket Unity – introducing Unity ideas

– Living on Purpose – a Unity booklet focused on creating the life you love

– A flier detailing Unity’s New Year ceremony of releasing the old, claiming the new, for you to do at home.

All of this for just £4.50, including P&P (UK only)


Or pay over the phone by card (01628 628915)
Or send a cheque to Unity, 10 Lake End Court, Taplow Road, Taplow, Bucks SL6 0JQ, writing your name and address on the back of this flier. Happy New Year and New You


The New Year is marked in Unity by our Special Burning Bowl Service where we symbolically ‘burn away’ the past in order to free ourselves to embrace the new year (see our Service page for mkore details). To help you renew yourself spiritually for 2019 why not download our free Burning Bowl Guide: Burning Bowl Guide