New Beginnings

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April is here, and with it comes the promises of spring – beautiful flowers, warmer weather, longer daylight. It’s wonderful to see the crocus flowers start to come up, although because of the milder weather this year, they were almost in full bloom from mid-February.

The crocus flowers all seem to bloom in the same place – circling the trees on the moor where I walk, and it’s like welcoming a loved friend to see them there. They’ve come back to be the promise of spring. They are beginning their cycle of poking up from the ground, bursting forth in colourful bloom, and then returning to the earth until their next cycle is upon them. And each year they will be new to someone.

I love beginnings! I love the opportunity to start again. I have several scheduled throughout the year – New Year’s Eve, when there is an opportunity to review the previous year and see a fresh new year laid before us, with all its possibilities, is one. My birthday is not long after that; my time to rejoice in the beginning of another trip around the sun, and wondering what this one will bring! Then there is Lent, a stopping point from the busyness of our days. It’s an opportunity to think about, perhaps beginning a new spiritual practice, or reflecting on something that doesn’t work for us, and using this time to make changes. Our Lenten booklet this year is helping us to fast from the negative and feast on the positive – a metaphysical way of seeing this pre-Easter season that I was delighted to discover when I first encountered Unity.

One of my favourite songs is called Brand New Day by the band Lindisfarne. They sing in the chorus:

¯I’ve seen the light

I’ve felt the sway

I’ve heard the sound of birds at the break of day.

I’ve watched the waves break

And seen them slip away

I’ve seen the light of a brand new day.¯


And that’s the wonderful truth, isn’t it? That every morning we greet a brand new day. Every morning we have a new beginning. In fact, any time can be a new beginning – just a choice away – a choice to think a different way, and allow more of our own divine nature to shine through.

Later on this month we will celebrate Easter, and 50 days later, Pentecost. Talk about new beginnings! We could say we are here today because the apostles had an awakening so powerful they could not contain it within themselves and had to share it with the world. And how many new beginnings have followed on from that!

May the coming days be blessed ones for you, filled with the potential of new beginnings wherever you may feel the need for them.

Nancy Sandoval


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