“My spiritual purpose is to be the presence of God.”

This sounds like a very grand and perhaps overwhelming statement.

But what is God to you? If, as we write a lot in this weekly thought, God is our experience of love, strength, joy, peace, etc, and we want to make these experiences our experiences, then this is a true statement.

We are not saying in Unity that we are all of God in expression. We are saying that all of God is available to express through and as us. Our Unity word for this is Christ.

Jesus was the activity of God in his world, and changed the world. We may not be at the same level of awareness as Jesus was – but we are on the same journey. We can take on the energy of Christ, we can aim to be the presence of God, which will change our world.

So let us think big. Let us think grand just as the experience of God is grand- too often we think small when we think of our divine nature.

As we live with this thought in mind, all the beliefs and conditioning we hold that reflect what God is not, will rise to the surface of our awareness, for us to consciously forgive and release. We are free to be the best expression of God we can be … this will change the world.

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  • Jonathan Carr says:

    After 90 days of prayer and about 18,000 requests all over the world I am really beginning to heal. My test results are all good. So thank you for praying and please continue! I am praying for recovery of health, success in business and in ministry.

  • Unity UK says:

    Thank you Jonathan, we give thanks for answered prayer and continue to hold you in prayer, affirming your health and wholeness.

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