More of Thee- Connecting with our God experience

By May 9, 2019 May 24th, 2019 Thought for the week
“Less of me and more of Thee.”
Myrtle Fillmore, Unity co-founder
Myrtle Fillmore, Unity co-founder with her husband, Charles, had a very strong relationship with God, whom she called her loving Father.
This was more than someone to pray and talk to. It was a very real and personal connection that blessed every aspect of her life. For Myrtle  felt God everywhere present around and through her. She described God as the activity of life, love and intelligence that we could all activate to heal, guide and restore us, just as she did for herself. Myrtle’s healing

To enable her strong relationship Myrtle shared, ‘less of me and more of Thee’. If we take out the old language, it is something we can all relate to. Our minds chatter all day long with opinions, judgments and basically, noise. When we learn to still the mind, go deeper into our heart space and connect with our God experience, we connect with all that we desire and can live these qualities (peace, health, harmony etc) more profoundly.

Let us practice less of our mental chatter and see how effortlessly the peace, joy and well-being of God comes pouring in.
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