For September 2019



Count your Blessings!


As children, many of us learned to sing a Sunday school hymn that includes the words:

Count your blessings,

Name them one by one;

Count your many blessings,

See what God has done.


This is excellent advice.  To awaken in the morning and lie quietly for a while, just being grateful for all the lovely things we can recall, prepares our minds and hearts for the new day ahead.  Or to take time, on retiring, to review the blessings the day has brought is to be assured of calm and restful sleep.  To pause at any time and say, “Thank You, God,” for a specific blessing nourishes and strengthens the soul.

A spirit of praise and thanksgiving is something that we should make a vital, indispensable part of our everyday lives.  No mater who we are, where we are, or what the time or occasion, we always have something for which to be thankful.

With perceptive hearts and minds, we can see that God blesses us with much more than we need for our existence.  The mere need for shelter is enriched by warmth and comfort.  Food to sustain our bodies often delights our palates, is served with imagination to please our eyes, and is frequently enhanced by interesting conversation and good fellowship.

Light and air and water are necessary to life, but when they are combined in a brilliant sunset over the sea, these elemental substances become a masterpiece of divine creation. The wind may be a necessity, but what of the song it sings on a summer night?  The rain quenches the earth’s thirst and produces flourishing food crops, but what of the colours and fragrances of flowers also nourished by the rain?  These are luxurious and lovely extras of life that shed beauty and induce wonder.

Look at your needs and see how simple they are compared to your blessings.  Take time to enumerate all the good things you have.  You will discover that there is far too much beauty and goodness in life simply to fulfil utilitarian purposes.  God’s grace and generosity are everywhere, filling every life and touching every receptive soul. The blessings in your life expand proportionately as you look for and give thanks for them.  Praise and thanksgiving will make you more aware of the bounty around you, and your thoughts and prayers will reach out to include others.  You will feel divine harmony with others as you mentally praise the good qualities that you see in them, for our spirits always respond to what is good and true in people and circumstances.

Counting your blessings rewards you in infinite ways.  When you begin to recognise them and give thanks for them, you will experience them in unexpected places.  As you open your heart and mind to God, blessings will come to you in every experience and in every person.  In the accumulation of little joys, in small blessings heaped upon other small blessings, life adds up to a deep, priceless, and lovely adventure. (#533)

Your loving presence, God, fulfils my every need.  I am thankful for what I have and for what I am about to receive.


                                           MONTHLY REFLECTION

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