For February 2020


   Believe and be Healed


All of us want to believe that healing is possible, and our belief is strengthened when we know that people like ourselves have prayed and have been healed .

Deep within each of us is the belief that if others have been healed through prayer, then we can too. Our nature is to strive upward continually, and if we begin to feel discouraged or depressed, we need only to hear or read about someone who has overcome a difficult situation and we are inspired to keep on keeping on.

We are bolstered in courage; we are renewed in faith. Healing of every condition is possible. No condition is incurable where there is faith in God’s power.

Seeming miracles are revealed through faith and prayer: miracles of healing, of renewal, of recovery, of lives changed and transformed. If you ever feel pessimistic about your condition, if you think your case is different, of if you think that others can be healed but that you cannot be, remember, you can be healed. It does not matter what your condition is or what it is diagnosed to be. There is only one healing life – the life of God – and this life is in you now. It is the life force of your body. You can be healed!

The Bible tells us of the many healings performed by Jesus. He said, “All things can be done for the one who believes” (Mk. 9:23) He did not question the nature of the disease or the duration of it. He spoke words of life and there was an instant response. The lame walked, the blind saw, and the sick rose from their beds. Jesus not only knew that the life of God was present in every person. He acknowledged it and called it forth.

Those who turned to Jesus for healing discovered an astonishing thing about themselves. They discovered that they had faith! They discovered that they were not bound to sickness. When we look to God, when we have faith in the Christ within us, we, too, feel a new surge of faith. Doubt and disbelief are removed, and we see ourselves as spiritual beings – whole and perfect. We know that we are God’s beloved children, created in the image and likeness of God and meant to be healthy and whole.

When you pray for yourself or others, pray in the sure faith that God’s spirit is mighty, that divine life is a renewing, healing stream within. Rejoice that the life of God fills you and those you love, and rejoice that through faith and prayer you are aware of this life. You are aware of God’s power in all and through all, and each one is responding to the healing, life-giving love of God.

There is power in united prayer. Jesus said, “Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am among them” (Mt. 18:20). We unite our faith with you in affirming this healing idea for you, for anyone you know who may need healing, and for people everywhere who are looking to God and praying in faith for healing.

When you have faith in God’s healing, freeing life within, peace of mind and body and calmness of heart and emotions follow naturally. Where before you have been fearful, anxious, or tense, now you are serene, calm, and sure. You are tranquil and at peace because you have come alive to Truth and are awake to the healing life within. As we pray with you, we rejoice in the knowledge that healing is being done and that miracles of healing are taking place. We see you strong in faith and filled with a new awareness of God’s healing, freeing life within you.                                 (#562) 


I believe in the healing power of God, and I am renewed.

                                           MONTHLY REFLECTION

This Silent Unity Affirmation & Reflection is one of many we send out to help people with their prayer work when they approach us for prayer. If you want to contact Silent Unity for prayer support, click the box at the top of this page – or phone the prayerline on 01628-628916.