For February 2019



God Hears and Answers          Always!

                                           by Mary Kupferle

There is a responding presence that hears your every call, dear friend. There is a responding power that fulfils your every need. This responding presence and power is within you, ready and willing to move through any situation in your life to heal, illumine and bless you.

This presence and power is God within. No matter the kind or cause of any dilemma, God hears and answers always. The presence of God responds to every seeking mind and heart as light and peace, guidance and healing, harmony and order. Be assured in this very moment: “The Lord hears when I call” (Ps. 4:3).

Release any concern you may have about how much knowledge, strength or faith is required to help yourself or another. Remember instead that Jesus of Nazareth, the greatest healer of all time, looked consistently to God for the answer to everything in life. Jesus taught and proved that the infinite love of God is instantly responsive to any call for help. God’s wisdom responds quickly to strengthen the most hesitant human grasp of spiritual understanding, God’s unceasing, encompassing peace comes quickly to every yearning for inner calm.

The Master clearly and powerfully demonstrated that God always responds. This is the nature of the one Presence and Power of whom Jesus spoke and with whom he communicated.

If there seems to be no response to your prayers at this time, do not become discouraged. Know absolutely and positively that you can count on the ever-responding presence and power of God. God hears every audible call you speak and the most silent and inexpressible desires of your heart. God answers as you listen and give thanks. Accept the truth that God hears and answers – always!

Persistently give thanks to God, the total, the vibrant life that is ready to respond to your call for healing for yourself or another. Give thanks that God’s infinite wisdom is continually present, that God is compassionately hearing your most quiet prayer. Give thanks that god’s all-sustaining love is already providing a perfect response to your earnest seeking for fulfilment. Remember often the assurance of the Creator, voiced through the Psalmist: “When they call me, I will answer them” (Ps. 91:15).

You need no longer anxiously question what you can do for loved ones or how you will have sufficient means to meet the needs of business or schooling or investment. Beyond your human vision and intellectual reasoning lie the vast, limitless creations of God. You can maintain a calm and confident attitude in each prayer you pray, because God hears and answers – always!

Yes I know there are times when things seem to go wrong, when feelings of hopelessness arise, when the heart seems totally empty and the mind confused – even disbelieving. Then, more than ever, it is important to spend time praising and giving thanks to God, and to keep on pouring out this thankfulness in words such as, “Thank You, God, for hearing and answering – always!”

Miracles of life and healing, strength and courage, peace and plenty await such trust in God. As you dedicate your thoughts and feelings to God’s presence, your own personal miracles and answers will be made evident.

Let your prayers, now, dear friend, be filled with renewed, revitalised faith in God’s responding power. Know again and again that God hears and answers – always!  (#458)

The presence and power of God fill me and fulfil my every need. I am healthy, wise, prosperous and peaceful.

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