For July 2019



You are in the presence of God

                                           by Martha Smock

God is with you. You need never feel alone, for you are one with God; where you are, God is. As you go about your day’s tasks, God is with you. When you walk along a busy street, God is with you. When you shop, when you visit with friends, when you are by yourself, God is with you.

Right where you are, God is with you. As you read these words, God is there with you, a loving presence and power. You do not have to wait until you pray to feel God near; your every breath proclaims God; in God you live and move and have your being.

Do you need healing? God is with you as life. You are part of the eternal life of God; out of this life you came forth; in and through this life you are sustained. When you think about your body, think of it as being the temple of the living God; think of it as filled with the life of God; think of this life as flowing freely through you.

To realise that God is with you is to realise healing; for where God is there is life, where God is there is healing power. The life you seek, the healing you pray for are already yours, for God is with you as life.

God is with you as power. You do not create power. The power is there, within you. All you have to do is let this power come forth. You may feel inadequate to the demands made upon you, but the truth is that you have the power of God in you. When you affirm God’s power, when you rely on it, you find that you are able to accomplish things you had thought impossible. With God all things are possible, and God is with you; God’s power works in and through you.

God is strength. God is your strength of mind and body, the strength that sustains and supports you, that carries you through difficult times or conditions. God is the strength of your heart, the strength of your emotions. There may be something that you think you cannot bear, but through God you always have the strength you need.

The strength of God is a joyous strength. When you abide in the faith that God is with you, that God’s strength is with you, you are filled with joy.

Do you ever have times when you feel unloved, unwanted? Do not ever let yourself believe that this is true, for you are loved with an everlasting love. God loves you. God needs you. This is what you are to remember always; this is the truth that you must keep in your heart and act upon in your thinking and living.

You think and act differently when you have the inner conviction that God loves you, that you are God’s child, that your life has meaning and purpose in God. Instead of longing for other people to love you, instead of longing for things or circumstances to bring you happiness, you are so filled with the love of God that you express it to all and attract it from all.

You are right now in the presence of God, and in this presence is perfect good. God is with you as life; God is with you as wisdom; God is with you as power; God is with you as strength; God is with you as love. God is with you as your all-in-all.                           #526


Centred in the presence of God, I experience God’s perfect goodness as wisdom, life, strength, peace and happiness.


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