For March 2020


 The Miracle of your Body

                                                      By David Williamson

Our bodies are miracles of divine intelligence, life, and love. We do not create our bodies or heal their hurts. There is a creative power at work which builds our bodies and keeps them in smooth running order. This creative power works best through our conscious affirmation of it and its activity.

The body is truly a miracle. It is the most amazing material entity. Our bodies are composed of the same elements that compose the distant stars. How these elements form atoms and how atoms unite into compounds and then into cells are part of the mystery of creation. And we see in this process a divine purpose, a miracle of life.

Think for a moment about the body in which you live. Think of it as a temple in which the divine activity of God is at work. Think about some of the facts and figures concerning your body temple. Think of your heart – one of the most delicate yet durable marvels, an organ of surpassing patience, flexibility, and strength. It pumps five quarts of blood on a round-trip of your body about once every minute. Every year your heart beats between thirty and forty million times. Think of the efficiency, the service, the courage of your heart. What a wonderful gift it is!

Think of your cells. Do you know how many red blood cells are created every minute? One hundred and twenty million! That is two million a second. Remember that the next time you are worrying about getting old and wearing out! Think of your eyes. Think of your ears. They are designed infinitely better than any technology. Give thanks for these wonderful instruments. Care for them as you would any fine instruments.

Some say, “I do not believe in miracles – I have never seen a miracle.” Yet I suggest to you that your whole body is a miracle! There is a miracle – a process of healing going on in our bodies all the time. Usually we only call something a miracle when there is a spectacular change which we can observe. But the miracle of healing is pulsing in us twenty-four hours a day.

The divine activity of God – the Christ – is the life-process of our being. Jesus revealed in an illustrative way through His faith the healing effects that are continually available to each one of us. He said that when we look at Him, we see what God is like. When we look at the healing triggered by Jesus’ love and faith, we see what the spirit of life in us can do.

The body has seemingly infinite resources and capacities to adjust and adapt. We are being healed all the time, and yet we may not even be aware of it because it is just a normal part of the miracle that is our body.

Healing is taking place in our bodies all the time, but we can allow more of the healing power of God to work if we consciously affirm it. When we relax and know that the wonderful resources for healing are continually renewing us, we find maximum wholeness.

We can read, take medicine and see doctors – and they may help – but in the final analysis, we attain consistent wholeness by realising that our bodies are miracles of life which are renewed continually by the activity of God and by letting that activity work its miracles in us freely and fully.                              (#567)


I give thanks for the healing activity of God that is constantly revitalising me.

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