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~ ~ ~

As we unite in prayer, we celebrate the
spirit of Christmas, the spirit of Christ
consciousness realised through prayer. In the
silent night of meditation—and in the manger
of our human experience—the Christ is born.
Let us pray in celebration of the truth of our
divine identity.

Centred in God, in good, I am steady, stable and strong.

Spiritual strength is born in me as I
acknowledge God is my strength. Any time I feel
weak, unsteady, or fragile, I draw from ever-present
reserves of spiritual strength to meet the
need of the moment. With God as my source, I
give birth to spiritual strength, in this moment of
prayer …

The spirit of wisdom speaks in the silence.

Everything I ever need to know arises from
within the Silence. I train my busy mind to slow
and still, to focus and be attentive, for wisdom
is a whisper of truth. Right now, I give birth to
divine wisdom, in the Silence…

Every cell in my body knows divine wholeness.

I celebrate the spirit of life that
knows only wholeness and well-being.
My body responds to my call
upon divine life to renew, refresh,
re-energise, and revitalise the
whole of me. Body, mind, heart,
and soul are now one vibrant
presence, one light of the
world, one spiritual birth…

Good flows to me as good flows from me.

I am the flow of plenty. All that can be helpful,
nurturing, comforting, and constructive, I give and
receive from the wellspring of goodness that is divine
abundance. I celebrate all possibilities that flow from the
birth of a plenty consciousness, in this moment …

Wherever I perceive chaos I contribute divine order.

By the power of divine order, in a state of spiritual
realisation, I am capable of calming the turbulent sea.
I centre my mind in divine mind. I open my heart in
divine love. I command: Be still! Be clear! My thoughts
conform and my orderly action follows the birth of
divine order …

~ ~ ~

In celebration of the spirit of Christmas, we
uphold the high intentions of all those with whom
we pray. Christ is their true nature, capable of
expressing strength, wisdom, wholeness, goodness,
and order. For the world, and for ourselves, we bring
to life the incarnate word—God—that we realize
is our divine identity. We close our prayer time by
reciting the “Prayer for Protection” together:


The light of God surrounds us;

The love of God enfolds us;

The power of God protects us;

The presence of God watches over us.

Wherever we are God is!