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MARCH 2019

~ ~ ~

Devoting time for prayer is like clicking the
refresh button on our devices. As we begin,
we are aware of our collective intention to refresh,
reset, and renew. Breathing, we slow and still,
linking our individuality with the One Mind—God.
Centred in the great Source of all good we could
imagine, we begin…

Thoughts be still. Let there be peace.

Diving deeply within, I enter my sanctuary of
peace, where God is and I AM. As modeled by the
Christ of Jesus, I command the sea to calm. Every
thought and emotion is stilled in reverence. Every
concern moves toward peace. In peace, I renew, as
I pray in the Silence…

By the power of divine wisdom I know the way to go.

I release any thought pattern leading to
worry or anxiousness, turning my mind
to divine wisdom. Divine wisdom is the
way of God—the way of intuition and
discernment. Step by step, confidently, I
proceed. I am wise with the wisdom of
infinite mind, as I pray …

I am one with and now fully manifest vigorous life.

I am free from thought patterns
that leave me feeling vulnerable
or weak. I am one with infinite
life that is always in motion
and always flowing forward,
onward, and upward.
I celebrate life as I
emphasize well-being
now, in this moment
of prayer …

 God is the source of all I can imagine.

Any longing of my heart, any hope in my mind,
responds to my knowledge of God, of good. I am centred
in pure awareness, certain of my rightful claim on plenty
and prosperity. With God as my source and overflowing
resource, I manifest good, in the Silence …

I am a radiating centre of peace blessing the world.

May I know my role as a centre of peace. May I
be vigilant about my thoughts so that I consciously
contribute to the possibility of peaceful interactions
throughout the human family. Centred in One Mind,
one source of peace, may I be a blessing in the world.
This I pray, in the Silence …

~ ~ ~

We raise our voices in a refrain of courageous
confidence as we close this session of prayer. We
choose to remember in the hours ahead that all
authority is within us to demand the highest
thought and action of our divine identity. Let
there be … Let me be … as we recite the “Prayer
for Protection”:

The light of God surrounds us;

The love of God enfolds us;

The power of God protects us;

The presence of God watches over us.

Wherever we are God is!