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~ ~ ~

Charles Fillmore wrote: “God is that unobtrusive knowing in everyone which, when acknowledged, flashes forth into intelligence.” As we begin our prayer time, let us acknowledge the God of our knowing that is the truth of our being. As we breathe, we settle in to inner peace…

The peace of God flows through each breath.

Turning inward, becoming still from within,
each breath flowing in and flowing out settles my mind into the rhythm of divine life. God is the peace in my breath and in my life. Whenever I notice thoughts that disturb my mind, I breathe in to peace. Peace. Peace…

In all circumstances I heal, knowing I am whole.

I am one with divine life, the truth of wholeness. As I realise wholeness, I fully live in to vitality, strength, and well-being. Anything less than wholeness I bless and release, so that I claim the fully healing power of
divine life …

In the harmony of divine love I bless my relationships.

Let me be filled with the knowledge of divine love, its magnificent capacity for harmony and empathy, for encouragement and connection. I acknowledge God as the love that heals and frees, uplifts and unifies. I live the promises of love as I pray a blessing for all my beloveds …

 Freely I give and freely I receive in divine abundance.

God is my abundant source and inner resource for all that I have and all that I give. I joyfully share in a spirit of generosity. I joyfully receive in a spirit of fulfilment. All that flows from me and to me is a gift and a blessing …

In the spirit of peace I seek to understand and appreciate others..

As I cultivate spiritual understanding, I am more openhearted and open-minded each day. I open wide the doors of my heart so that I might live in peace with all people. I am one with and now demonstrate loving-kindness and peace …

~ ~ ~

Grateful for our ever-unfolding ability to know God and the truth of our being, we dedicate the hours and days ahead to fulfilling our rightful role as the light of the world. We seek, we know, we claim, and we demonstrate the light of spiritual intelligence. Gratefully, we pray “The Prayer for Protection”:

The light of God surrounds us;

The love of God enfolds us;

The power of God protects us;

The presence of God watches over us.

Wherever we are God is!