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~ ~ ~

Breathing out, breathing in, releasing
the past, drinking in the spirit of this
moment … we pause to refresh in the
presence of infinite love and in the light of
illuminating wisdom. God is, and we are—
here and now—as we begin this period
of prayer….

I pause. I breathe. I enter a sanctuary of peace.

Breathing out, I relax and release. Breathing
in, I open my heart and mind. In trust, I lay
down cares and concerns from a moment ago,
just breathing them away. In quiet peace, I
pause. Peace … peace … peace ……

By faith, I perceive the true and real
within every circumstance.

Let me see through eyes of faith the truth of
divine power and presence at the core of every
experience. By faith, I trust what I cannot yet
see. As circumstances unfold, I remain faith-filled
and faithful. I know good and only good
now as well as in the days ahead  …

Centred in divine life, I flourish in
every way.

I acknowledge divine life, the eternal
flame of ever-flowing vitality. No
matter the season, no matter the
story, I choose to live! I will not sit
on the sidelines. I will not delay. I
choose to jump into the fire of life,
to sparkle and shine …

 I am one with and now realise divine

The good of God cannot be withheld. It pours
over every detail of my life like a steady and
gently-flowing rain. With every breath, I draw
upon divine abundance. Every need of mine is
met with plenty—plenty of possibilities, plenty of
resources, plenty to love and celebrate …

I am at peace with all of humanity.

My heart of compassion extends to the human
family. Each face I see is the face of God. Each
story tells my story: a message about hope and
courage and overcoming. I am one with God, and
one with all, in peace …

~ ~ ~

May our prayer unleash our spiritual
potential so we support those with whom we
pray, and everyone, awakening to our divine
identity. We unleash faith, life, abundance,
love, wisdom, and strength. Renewed
and empowered, we contribute to a rising
consciousness of harmony and peace. We are
blessed, and we are a blessing. Together let us
recite the “Prayer for Protection”:

The light of God surrounds us;

The love of God enfolds us;

The power of God protects us;

The presence of God watches over us.

Wherever we are God is!