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JUNE 2019

~ ~ ~

We have chosen this very moment in time to focus intently on the silent, still power and presence within. As we begin, let us recognize that all the power and presence of God that has ever been, is now and where we are. In our breath, we recognize power and presence. …

Immersed in divine peace, all is well with my soul.

I am in the presence and radiating the power of peace, here and now. In a state of peace, I recognize that no condition can cause me unrest. Peace is in my breath, flowing in my mind, throbbing in my heart. I am peace …

All that I need to know flows from within.

I am in the presence and radiating the power of wisdom, here and now. May I see, hear, and sense all that I need to know for the moments ahead, flowing from infinite, universal divine wisdom. I discern and decide in trust …

The energy of divine zeal lights up my body, mind and spirit.

I am in the presence and radiating the power of zeal and enthusiasm, here and now. I never have to wait for circumstances to improve to experience and express joy, for
the joy of zeal is one of the
ways I know that I am one
with God…

 God is my good, I live in gratitude..

I am in the presence and radiating the power of prosperity, here and now. The good I seek is the good that God is, so in this moment I choose thoughts of gratitude. I am an opening for good, a giver of good, going forward in fulfilment …

I embrace the world with every thought of peace.

Steady in the presence and power that God is and I am, I am expressing the unifying power of divine love. I uphold the whole world and every being in the world with a steady mind and ready heart. Centred in peace, I am the radiating love of God …

~ ~ ~

On earth as it is in heaven! As we return awareness to the environment around us, we agree to take into the rest of our day the heavenly, spiritualised thoughts from this time of prayer. We go in peace, in wisdom, in zeal, in prosperity. We go knowing that where we go, God is, power is. Let us close with the “Prayer for Protection” together:

The light of God surrounds us;

The love of God enfolds us;

The power of God protects us;

The presence of God watches over us.

Wherever we are God is!