Meditation and God

By October 6, 2016 Thought for the week

“Through meditation we can enter the realm of Infinite Mind.”

For Charles Fillmore, Unity co-founder, meditation was all about ceasing the mental chatter and entering the silence, here to enable us to enter a state of consciousness

“for the purpose of putting man in touch with Divine Mind so that the soul may listen to the ‘still, small voice within’.”

(The Revealing Word)

This takes great patience, willingness and perseverance, learning to get underneath the busy mind to connect with the love and wisdom of God; especially in our busy world of today.

There are so many distractions to grab our attention and we all want more peace. So how about we find a way to get between the thoughts; to find the space between the thoughts, where we can connect with Infinite Mind. For here we come into contact with God and the attributes of God (love, wisdom, life, wisdom, abundance etc) which are waiting to be made manifest through us each day.

In the silence, we find all we will ever need. Out of the silence we can be the goodness of God more fully.

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