“Enthusiasm: The zeal to make things real

We all recognise that warm glow of excitement when we are absorbed in something we
love to do; pursuing a goal, hobby, study or project, we are truly “fired up” with energy. Time and our surroundings seem to disappear while we are in this space or presence. We become highly focused and have a single minded devotion to the matter in hand.

This is enthusiasm in action. The word is from the Greek entheous meaning “on fire with God”. This is exactly where this sizzling motivation comes from. It is the positive pressure of inspiration coming from the God or Christ Presence within us all, urging us forward to follow our dreams.

When enthusiasm is channelled in an orderly way and tempered by wisdom and understanding, it gives us a magnetic quality, attracting to us the flow of our highest good, love, energy and positive outcomes from the inside-out. By welcoming and allowing these inner promptings we can energise our life in a real way, enabling us to image and create our heart’s desires.

“Zeal – intensity, ardour, enthusiasm, the inward fire of the Soul that urges humankind onward, regardless of the intellectual mind of caution and conservatism.”
– Charles Fillmore.


Mark Halbert


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