Life is all about relationship: Our relationship with God; our relationship with ourselves; our relationship with everyone and everything around us.

In relationship we are called to be vulnerable, honest, courageous and above all, loving (kind, compassionate and understanding), to ourselves as much as to others. In relationship we are called to forgive: To see through or beyond the mistakes we each make, and the painful acts we do to ourselves and others, to the greater truth: We are love and we either act as love or through feeling separate from love.

For me, the main drive of Jesus’ message was that God is love, we are made in God’s image, and therefore we are love. Our life work, I suggest, is to make this love real.

How do we do this? First we must accept (or be willing to accept) that indeed God is love (not a separate being that judges, condemns or only gives love sometimes). Then ours is to accept that, as spiritual and human beings, we are love and loved.

Most of us have been brought up believing the opposite is true. This is why our role is to consciously be willing to open our hearts to the experience of love flowing in, through, for and as us. Very often, we first have to allow any feelings that are not love (fear, doubt, shame, blame etc) to rise up and be dissolved in the activity of God-love. Then, as they come to our conscious awareness, we are not to hang onto these feelings through our judging mind, but to move through the old thoughts and feelings and let them go. They are the result of us not connecting with love as our truth. Therefore it is the activity of love that encourages us to release them and thereby experience them as healed.

Because we are in human form we often experience love as a separate force or power, although in God (Source, Presence, Principle) there is no separation, only the activity of Love being Itself through and as us. This is why we first give ourselves the gift of receiving and being love. We cannot feel love from the world if we do not first find it within.

An effective way of doing this is through release and affirmation. This is using our words and feelings to consciously choose to say something like this,

“I release you and let you go. I am (willing to know I am) beloved of God and I am love. Thank you.”

Then we have to trust and know that we are guided with new right words and actions that support all concerned. Now we can be vulnerable, honest, courageous and kind.

I do find that it helps me enormously, when in times of emotional pain and turmoil, to ask for help and to allow myself to feel love supporting me, holding me, uplifting me and reassuring me. As I begin to feel safe in this experience of love, my emotional wounds are given the space to be felt, loved, dissolved and healed, without making anything or anyone wrong.

The more we can connect with love as our truth, the more we will find ways to ground ourselves in the deep activity and presence of God, just as Jesus did. The deeper our connection with God, the more we will know ourselves as love. And as we live from this closer walk with God as love, the more we will create, together, a world that is peaceful, abundant for everyone, inspiring and healing.

This is my vision for the world and for you. And this is my prayer, as the Director of Silent Unity UK – that we each come to know that we are love and be this activity that heals, supports, frees and blesses us and our world.


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