Love – The Principle of Existence

By February 24, 2017 Thought for the week

“Love is … the principle of existence and its only end.”


Love is many things to us. 1 Corinthians 13 describes this perfectly.

However here we are talking about love as principle.  A divine power and activity that is

not of us, but which expresses through and as us.

Love is the essence of our being. When we allow ourselves to let go of our thoughts and feelings like anger, guilt and fear, we find that underneath, love always remains.


On our deathbed, our only regret is not having loved more.

This week the invitation is to find a way to love yourself more through giving yourself a gift of time or energy that uplifts and supports you. Then find someone who perhaps does not know they, too, are love and be the gift of love for them.
Perhaps this is what Jesus meant when he said,

“let your light shine” (Mt. 5:16).

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