Living our desire

By June 15, 2017 July 7th, 2017 Uncategorized

“We must be what we desire.”

We all have a dream for peace in the world. Very often we can bring that dream closer to home and say we hold a vision of peace in our families and in our workplace.

But how do we help this come about? It is not by wishing others would change. It is not by praying that others will change. It is by living our lives as the expression of peace. It is by being the quality of peace in all that meets us, including moving through feelings of non-peace to become that which we seek, because this, in truth, is who we are.

If we wish to experience loving relationships, we cannot look to the world to give us the love. The love is already here inside us. Ours is to connect with the love we are, learn to respond through love and then we will experience love outside of us.

To help us in this we have the wonderful gift of imagination. As we imagine or envisage ourselves, and those around us, living as peace and love, and feel what this is like now, we become the peace and love we are. Now, the world around us can change.

Ours is to be all that we desire to experience in the world.


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