There is a quote in the Gospel Of Philip 74: 24-27 (one of the Gnostic Gospels in the Nag Hammadi Library) that says,

“The master said very well, ‘Some have entered heaven’s kingdom laughing, and they have left [laughing].”‘

As the holiday month continues, can we practice taking life a bit more lightly? ‘Take it lightly’ was a phrase that Rev David Davenport’s was often heard to express (David was a much loved Unity UK minister) and one it is always good to remember, especially when life seems particularly tough.

The suggestion reminds us to step back and let go – to ease the worry mind and open to the deeper knowing that God is manifesting in and through every person and situation, enabling the best outcomes to unfold, whatever they may be.

This week, can you find a way to walk more lightly on this earth? To allow the wonderful sunlight abundantly being shared to lift your energy and encourage you in all that is going on. Can you find something to smile or laugh about? The abundant, uplifting activity of God is the light that is always here to brighten our day and brighten our hearts.

For in the midst of every situation, so is God as light and love also.

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Everything we do in Unity is designed to help us all come to know ourselves and God as love, life, wisdom and grace more fully.


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