As I Pray, I am Uplifted

As we pray we hold ourselves and others in the beautiful energy of love.  In Unity we talk of holding the high watch, this is the place of knowing the person who is being held in prayer is whole and perfect child of God.  The energy of prayer is so high, that the vibration seems to laser light through emotions and lifts us up. It is the energy of endless possibilities as we are reminded:

“With God all things are possible”- Matthew 19:26

Prayer is about putting that faith into action, as we pray we may feel ourselves being lifted up in the presence of God, an absolute knowing that all is well. We recognise that we are safe and loved unconditionally and that ultimately we are love expressed.

When we pray with another this prayer is all the more powerful, the energy not just doubles but multiplies. As Jesus said:

For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them”

 – Matthew 18:20

This is what happens as we come together as Unity, praying with Silent Unity and reading our Daily Word.  When we read Daily Word it is with the knowing that across the country and around the world people are readings the very same words and holding the very same affirmation. We know that we are never alone; together we are uplifted in prayer with God and each other.

Inspired by Daily Word (2nd May 2016)


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