This year we have been focusing on developing our twelve powers, as described by Charles Fillmore: This as a means of helping us awaken into the real, authentic person we came here to be.

As we begin our final month, the theme is Life! This is perfect as we prepare to celebrate the birth of the Christ child and the birth of the emerging Christ-light in us, through this Advent season.

As Charles Fillmore wrote in Keep a True Lent, “The first step in the realisation of life is always to know that God is life, abundant, omnipresent, eternal, and the second step is to make positive connection with God life by declaring oneness with it.”

We do this with faith – even if we cannot physically see God in this way we can experience God in this way and claim it for ourselves. We do so with love, strength, wisdom, power, imagination, understanding, good-will, in perfect order, with enthusiasm and releasing all that is in the way of us experiencing God-Life as us!

As Michael A. Maday wrote in New Thought for a New Millennium, “It is life that gives expression to all our powers. Without life, the other powers cannot express themselves in this earthly realm.”


So as you move day by day through Advent (order your booklet here), use the daily readings to help you affirm Life – new abundant life that is ever- ready to express through you and as you. You are here to be a magnificent Being of God. Jesus knew this, claimed this and lived this. You, too, in your own unique and wonderful way, can do this too.

Together as we step into our spiritual authority as human and spiritual beings, we can be this Presence for those around us who need help and who are looking to awaken themselves.  Let us shine our lights this Christmas Season with faith, peace, love and joy and be the difference we want to be.


Bless you and have an enlightening Advent and Christmas.

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