“The way out is through.”

When I first heard the statement in Unity ‘Let go and let God’ I felt a huge amount of release. I found myself thinking – you mean, I don’t have to figure this out, I don’t have to fix this or make something right? Wow. It really was a ‘wonder of wonders’ moment.

And sometimes we can just let go of a thought that has been keeping us stuck in a mind whirl, going round and round in circles.

But sometimes, when the feelings run deep, and we are feeling frightened and unsafe, unloved, rejected or abandoned, it is not at all easy to do. So, how do we then let go and let God?

For me, when I am experiencing feelings like this, the way out is through. Instead of getting stuck in my head, justifying or blaming myself or others, (which keeps me stuck in the feeling or trying to resist it and push it away) I have learnt to sit with the feeling that is always situated somewhere in my body. I give myself permission to feel the feeling without any thought attached to it.

When we give ourselves permission to feel our feelings in this way, we are bringing God-awareness to ourselves, and God is love. We are loving ourselves enough to be present to what is going on in our bodies and the trapped feelings that are there. It is this God-awareness, our Christ/Divine nature, that dissolves the emotional and physical pain, and we find ourselves simply resting in God as love.

Truly, our work is simply to let God be God in us. Let God as love heal the wounds as you let go of the thought that anything needs to be fixed – you are loved and precious just the way you are. And becoming the ‘you’ that you came here to be.


Rev. Kimerie Mapletoft



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