Journey Through Lent with Unity

You are invited to journey through Lent with Unity as we fast on thoughts which do not serve us such as worry, anxiety and judging others. And we feast on gratitude, oneness and prayer.

This year our Lent booklet follows a ‘Fasting and Feasting’ 40-day practice, attributed to William Arthur Ward. Instead of giving up chocolate, wine, or even more substantial daily foods or activities we normally rely upon, we are invited to fast, let go, of thoughts and practices we know do not serve us, and feast on those that do. For example, we begin by fasting from judging others, followed by feasting on beholding the Christ in them. Actually, it is important to include ourselves in this as well.

By committing to this 40-day programme, with intention and focus, we find we are changed. And as we change we experience the people and world around us in a completely different way. In life, the sometimes hard truth is that we cannot change anyone else and indeed have no right to do so. However we can change ourselves and this is a powerful, self-affirming act that has profound consequences.

Read along each day in this year’s Lent Booklet: Fasting and Feasting and if you can join us online Monday to Friday via Zoom in our Daily Word prayer meeting. We will also be featuring some of the readings on our Facebook page.

Our Lent booklet is now sold out but you can still listen to the readings during our daily meetings on zoom.