Practical Christianity: Lent

By March 1, 2019 March 7th, 2019 Newsletter

Unity is  focused on being practical and useful in our daily lives. We encourage surrendering and letting go, followed by affirming and holding to the inner knowing and feeling of God-life, or Universal energy, becoming our deeper experience and awareness. But if this is not something we can apply in the midst of our challenges, then it is just an idea, and by itself is almost worthless.

Today in the office, the company who hosts our data base, documents, emails and online connections, (basically everything we do) upgraded to Windows 10. We were told all we had to do was sign on with a new password to the new link and everything would transfer over. Well it was not nearly as simple as that and we have spent quite a lot of time getting everything back to ‘normal’. We could have reacted with intense frustration, as other customers of this company did. No one wants to stop what they are doing to sort out something they never asked for in the first place! However, we stayed calm, moved through the frustration by keeping our sense of humour, working together and learning along the way. And we are getting there. For me it was a great example of putting Unity principles into practice in the midst of a challenge.

This year we celebrate 100 years of Unity in the UK. Thousands of people have been supported, helped and encouraged by Unity ideas, principles and practices, including prayer and our bi-monthly booklet, Daily Word. What began as local home groups expanded into bigger centres and ministries and the creation of Silent Unity and Daily Word in the UK.

This is important as it brings solid ground to our faith. Further, as we move forward, our strong vision and mission is to continue to support and enable people (including ourselves) to live healthy, happy and fulfilling lives.

We celebrate all of this at our Celebration Day, Saturday 13th July in Birmingham. We invite you to mark the date in your diary, buy your tickets and join our Unity celebrations.

In the meantime, what can we do here and now, to continue practising the principles Unity offers to us all? We invite you to take part in Lent – the Unity way!

This year our Lent booklet follows a ‘Fasting and Feasting’ 40-day practice, attributed to William Arthur Ward. Instead of giving up chocolate, wine, or even more substantial daily foods or activities we normally rely upon, we are invited to fast, let go, of thoughts and practices we know do not serve us, and feast on those that do. For example, we begin by fasting from judging others, followed by feasting on beholding the Christ in them. Actually, it is important to include ourselves in this as well.

By committing to this 40-day programme, with intention and focus, we find we are changed. And as we change we experience the people and world around us in a completely different way. In life, the sometimes hard truth is that we cannot change anyone else and indeed have no right to do so. However we can change ourselves and this is a powerful, self-affirming act that has profound consequences.

Whatever you do, let Unity be part of your life. Together we can become the change we seek. Particularly when we remember that the most important part of this is to simply allow God-life, Universal energy, to do its work through and as us.




  • What a lovely idea , fasting on judgement for forty days. I will share this idea with others.

  • Unity UK says:

    Thanks Joseph, it really is a wonderful practice of fasting and feasting each day and thank you for sharing it with others. Blessings.

  • Ken Bradley (in Australia) says:

    Sometimes 40 days is a “big ask” – and, to make it trickier, the ‘judgement is often unconscious – I don’t know I’ve judged you wrong until after I’ve interrupted and ‘corrected’ you. So sometimes it’s easier to consciously DO something to replace the habit that I’d like to give up rather than focusing on NOT doing or thinking something. . Here’s a list of things I can try to do or give up, even for 1 week. Then if I ‘fail’ I can choose another one to try.
    ** Smile outwardly & inwardly at other drivers (maybe before they manoeuvre)
    ** Bless each person I converse with – before we speak to one another
    ** Pause for 2 seconds when answering the phone, and invite spirit into the call.
    ** Skip reading or watching the news if I know I usually react to it by fear or anger.
    ** When I am alone – remind myself that I am never alone.
    ** Mind my own business – oops I’ll try to do that now. Bye bye

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