Keep the High Watch

By April 30, 2020 Unity Ideas and Values

For some, these unprecedented times are bringing us closer together than ever before as we build communities and find ways to support and help each other. For many it is challenging, yet for others it is renewing, as they find benefit in experiencing a quieter, simpler life.

I believe that we now have an opportunity to focus on what it is we really want to do and be: What is really important to us.

For no longer can we go out and be distracted through being busy and doing lots of different things. Yes, we can do a lot online, but that is not fulfilling for long (unless you join our Zoom prayer and meditation meetings!)

In reflecting on this, my focus has become – what positive experience can I take out of this time? This is such a dramatic event that I want to feel dramatically different at the end of it; not just get through it. I believe that, for me at least, I am being called higher – to respond to everyone in a way that is more and more a blessing for me and our world – for the two are indelibly linked.

I believe that, potentially, this is a time of transformation – an opportunity to change how we see ourselves and how we respond to each other and our world.

In Unity, we have a saying – keep the high watch. This means keeping our thoughts above the line, while below it means falling into doubt, despair and fear.  Very simply, we say like Emmet Fox in The Golden Key, keep your focus on God and all that God means to you.

For me, God is the experience of unconditional Love, Peace, Joy, Life. God is the Ground of Being, Source, Pure Awareness and, as Jesus taught, here in the midst of us.  Using this language, God is here, now, guiding and supporting us through this time, to the deeper knowing of our connection and transformation, inner and outer.

My experience is, the more I gently focus and surrender into God in the midst, Pure Presence that is unchanging, constant and essentially loving, my old habits, reactions, doubts and fears are being dissolved. This is letting go and letting God free me to become the true me I came here to be. And, truthfully, I want only to experience more of this. What a profound transformation this would be and one I willingly choose. Because as I allow this to happen through me, my energy in the world will be more and more a blessing – I can truly serve.

I witness with gratitude how many people are stepping up to serve at this time – I believe that this, too, is part of our transformation and many are responding. When we serve humanity, we are served; when we give love, we receive it. We certainly do not experience God in isolation but through each other.

To help us keep the high watch, let us take time in prayer and stillness each day to feel, know and affirm, “I am one with God as love, light, life and peace”. Let God fill you with renewed strength, courage and energy.

I also encourage you to ask yourself, “How do I want to respond through this time and who do I want to be at the end of it?” You have your own unique way of being you – your own light to shine that helps others know their light also. Together, let us keep the high watch, our thoughts and feelings on God here in the midst and know we are part of the transformation that is even now, coming forth into our world.

Let God be God in, through and as you.


Rev. Kimerie Mapletoft


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