By August 22, 2014 May 7th, 2020 Unity Ideas and Values

Todays blog post is centred around the affirmation Joy is within me and all around me

Joy is innate; children naturally know how to be joyful. It is the knowledge that we will be looked after, that we will be OK. Joy is difficult to define as it means so many different things to every person. Joy is the birth of a child, a dream fulfilled. It is the completion of a project or the anticipation of something much wished for. Joy is a rainbow, time with friends, laughing with family, an uplifting service, a beautiful painting or an inspiring poem. ¬†The sense of well being we get with peace coupled with God’s energy creates joy.

Joy can be discovered in the toughest of circumstances but it always around us and inside us. When we find it, it is as the sun breaking through the cloud, warming us and giving us undeniable hope for the future.

What brings you joy?

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