Journey of Faith

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Do you ever stop and reflect on the journey of your life? I believe it is a worthwhile experience to do, especially as we near the end of the year.

As I think about the word ‘journey’ my mind flashes to Strictly Come Dancing and the ‘journeys’ the celebrities go through, as they put everything aside to learn how to dance. Yet how much more powerful and meaningful is the story of the Nativity: The journey of faith that Mary and Joseph took, from the delivery of the angel’s messages, to giving birth to Jesus and beyond.

A journey requires faith put into practice. Yet it also requires planning and focus. What route do I want to follow and what form of faith do I want to align with? What do I need for the journey (what tools can I use) to help me stay on track? If I detour, what can I use as my compass to bring me back to my path? What happy songs or words can I sing to keep me uplifted and focused on my path of good? And when the going gets tough, where do I turn for my comfort and support, courage and strength?

Unity has been the focus of my spiritual journey for many years now. This has had its highs and lows, as life does. Yet every up and down, every challenge and opportunity, has been a reminder to stay, or get back, on track: To keep my focus on God, the One Presence and Power in my life. And to use the tools that Unity offers.

In each moment I am reminded to get still, using prayer and meditation to connect with God as my strength and help; to reflect on what is working and use that more confidently, while recognising what no longer works, so I can move through that to let it go. And occasionally, when I reach the top of a hill, to pause a while and look back to see how far I have come, before my eyes turn forward and glimpse the exciting journey of possibilities ahead of me. All the while, staying as present to God as I can in each moment.

My journey of faith has been the most rewarding journey of my life. I give thanks for Unity and the opportunity it has given me to serve and share what works for me. What is your journey of faith? Has it given you the experience of sharing it positively with others? I hope so, as this is the movement of God active through you.

I also give thanks for other aspects in my spiritual life I have added to my tool-bag. These include non-resistance to what is; allowing my feelings without making them wrong or getting stuck in the story, and using them to catapult me higher; loving back into Me the parts that have felt split off through pain, so that I experience my true wholeness, with renewed vitality, enthusiasm and joy.

Once our journey of faith begins, it never ends. We find ourselves on a spiritual path that opens new doors, sets new challenges, all the while encouraging us to wake up to who we are and live that knowing more fully.

Throughout our journey of life we are held, as it were, in the loving arms of the Creator. Whispered words of encouragement can be heard through the still, small voice within, and in the loving voices of those who share our journey.

Dear friend, as we reflect on the Nativity journey this month, let us also reflect on our own spiritual journey of faith and pause to give thanks for it. Let us recognise God as the One Presence and Power active in us, as us. And let us get excited about the journey forward, and the full potential of possibility that is always present.

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This Christmas and always, may you follow your journey in faith, deeply knowing God’s love with and within you always.

Kimerie Mapletoft

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