Fuze 3

Unity’s next scheduled Fuze event is:

The Ordination Ceremony

for Kimerie Mapletoft and Claudette Bovell-Lewis

on Saturday November 28th, 2pm

Join us there from 1.50pm on Fuze

We hope you enjoy our live show!


FUZE is a free online video conferencing service which enables us to offer live coverage of Unity events for people who are not able to attend in person. 

If you have got to this page, you will already have details of the FUZE event you are interested in. To be part of this event you will need first to download the free Fuze software; then you will need to open the Fuze software and ‘join the meeting’ (ie the event).

(1) DOWNLOADING THE FREE SOFTWARE. Go to the Fuze download page (www.fuze.com/download) by clicking on the following link. Click on the ‘download Fuze’ button and then follow your computer or tablet’s menu instructions until you have downloaded the programme.

Fuze 4

(2) JOINING IN THE MEETING (EVENT). First open the Fuze software you have just created. Then on the welcome page click on ‘join meeting’. You will be asked to give your name, your email address (optional) and finally a ‘meeting id’:




Fuze 2


Once you have entered this information and clicked on ‘join’, you will be taken automatically to the live video screen. Be patient if the video screen does not immediately appear as it can take a few moments.

A couple of things to note. Do not click on the ‘log in’ button on the Fuze software as this is for Fuze account holders only. Also, although you can download the Fuze software any time, you will obviously need to click on the ‘join meeting’ button either just before or during the scheduled time of the meeting – otherwise you will simply find yourself with a blank, ‘off-line’ screen. 

If you have any problems with the above, or any other technical queries, do please contact Steve at Unity Maidenhead (Steve.Gough@unityuk.org).