To facilitate all our live streamed events, classes and services Unity is now using Zoom: A very popular and easy to use video conferencing service which you can download safely for free onto your computer, tablet or smartphone.

How to Join:

  • On your computer or laptop: go to Either download the free video conferencing software, or simply click ‘join meeting’ and the software will automatically load.
  • On your tablet or smartphone: Download the free Zoom app.
  • Open the software or app, enter your name, click on Join a Meeting and type our unique Unity meeting id code:


  • Click on ‘Join Meeting’. Ignore any tab which invites you to sign in or register.
  • Allow yourself a couple of minutes before the meeting time to adjust your camera or microphone if necessary.
  • Once downloaded, simply open the software each time of joining.
  • Zoom offers an interactive connection which means that you can both receive sound & video and, if you wish, communicate with us with your laptop/tablet/smartphone camera and microphone. This will enable you to  to talk to us before or after the service. In this way we can welcome each other and perhaps have a short conversation after the service. During the service itself your microphone will be automatically turned off. Note that this interactive connection is not available for our new Noon Service live transmission.

If you have an inbuilt camera, we will be able to see you. You can switch this off if you prefer. NB turning the camera and mike off will not stop you from joining the service.

  • Note: If you are using a PC or laptop you must have Windows 7 or later.

Zoom Change Panel 2


Troubleshooting Tips:

If you experience problems logging in, this could be because of your internet signal strength. See if you can find ways of improving your connection (for example if it is Wi-Fi, go closer to the Wi-Fi router, or connect direct to the router using a cable), and try again.

If you experience the video image ‘freezing’, or the Zoom connection dropping out after you are connected, this will be due to fluctuations in the strength of your broadband. You can improve signal strength by disconnecting your camera and/or mike.

If you cannot connect and/or for further support contact Steve at Unity: