Intuition: Our internal guidance system

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Most of us have had experiences where we seem to get flashes of insight; a nudge to do something, call someone or go somewhere.  A more famous example was when, at one time, Winston Churchill had a sense of danger and avoided going to a place where he most probably  would have been assassinated.
Our messages or nudges are not normally so dramatic, yet they can be very meaningful. Often they are noticed after the event when we realise our mistake in not following through! I have found my challenge is learning to hear or recognise the voice of Spirit, then trusting it and following through. How often have I listened to the doubting, louder voice that followed, only realising afterwards that the first message was the inspired one.
So how we do develop our intuition?
– We practice being quiet and still in prayer and meditation so we can hear the quiet
mind nudges; the whispers of the heart.
– We pay attention, then practice trust by following through as we are inspired.
– Pay attention to our dreams.
– Keep a journal.
– Bless our heart, physically within us and its workings through our minds
The more we practice listening and following through, the more we learn to trust our intuition, our access to the One Mind in which we all exist.

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