Be Inspired! As we all struggle to come to terms with ‘the new normal’, it is so important to celebrate our unique human spirit – and also God’s spirit within which our lives are all enfolded. These are also days when we need to affirm the presence of God in community. Spending so much of our time at home, we must remember that amazing bond which connects us always.

Unity’s new Inspire Page offers us a chance to re-live moments of powerful communal spirit within the sacred fellowship which is the Unity movement. Click on any video below and experience ordinary Unity members affirming their life and their spirit through the power of song.

Recorded at Unity Services, retreats and other events through the years, these YouTube uploads are also thoroughly entertaining!



We travel back five years for our first recording. April 2015 marked the end of  Rev.Tom Thorpe’s visit to the UK from Unity Village, during which he had delighted and inspired everyone with his wisdom, humour and eloquence. In a final Sunday Service at Unity Maidenhead, he led us in a powerful rendering of that Unity favourite, ‘New Horizons’. Listen out for his commanding tenor voice in the choruses!



Unity marks the beginning of each new year with a ‘Burning Bowl’ service during which we are encouraged to reflect communally upon the past twelve months – before letting go of the debris of our past and embracing the new. This cleansing spirit is perfectly evoked in the quietly inspiring melody of  ‘Surely the Presence’ which begins the service. Here is a lovely recording made eight years ago in 2012.



Some of Unity’s most uplifting services take place at Christmas. Two special services mark this time, the Advent gathering, more quietly meditative – and a celebrational Candle Service held in the days before Christmas Day. This next inspiring recording comes from Unity’s Advent Service held in 2011. Featured here is a lovely young tenor voice, but it is not simply the richness of the singing which is notable: we also sense the loving presence of everyone listening in the room…



Unity’s retreats are often the occasion for some rousing and very enthusiastic singing. At the St Annes Spring Retreat in 2015, the weekend ended with a special service which went well into the night. Like all Unity Services, this ended with the Peace Song. What is interesting about this particular recording is that the song is performed ‘a capello’ – without piano accompaniment. Rather than diminishing its effect, this only intensifies the spirit and the energy of the occasion. Our recording also includes a communal recitation of the Prayer for Protection (new form), another important tradition in Unity.