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Imagination is one of our gifts: A powerful tool that can lift us up in the knowing of limitless possibilities of good. Or, if we focus on fear, lack, anger or guilt, it can lead us to the depths of despair and close us down to our good.

It is our choice. Where is our focus each day and night? What do we want to experience as our truth? The power is within us.

The simple act of focusing on God – here with us now as life, love, light and peace, enables us to imagine and feel into our good, whatever life circumstances are showing us.

This does not, of course, feel easy when we are in the midst of struggle and confusion. But the more we connect with God, the more we know that God is here with us now and available to express as us now. From this point of focus and faith, our imagination can be set free to help us create the life we wish to live.

Linda Martella-Whitsett in her book, Divine Audacity, writes, “Imagination is our powerful capacity to picture what can be and, by holding that idea and developing it until we feel its effects while it is yet unmanifest, to live into that idea until it essentially becomes our reality.”

We can do this for we have the gift of imagination. We are born with this. Children are wonderful examples of playful imagination.  We can get really excited and feel the energy move us, as we allow our imagination to take flight and envisage the highest and best manifesting.  And when we hold the vision with feeling, as if we have this good now, whether it is in regard to our health, our relationships, our work, our leisure, or anything else, then the world of limitless opportunities awaits us.

Abraham-Hicks advise us that if we were to concentrate our attention on one idea for 17 seconds, we would experience as much benefit as if we had laboured full-time for a year.

I have begun practicing this, focusing on Unity in the UK touching, blessing, serving and being served in even greater number and effectivity. This month my focus is to do this at every mid-day Silent Unity prayer service. My invitation to you is to connect with your strong heart-felt desire and hold the vision with feeling, joy and gratitude as if it is happening now, for 17 seconds each day this month.

Together we will notice God-power at work, through, around and as us. Truly blessings of love and limitless possibilities await us as we use our gift of imagination to bless us and our world.  If you would like to share how this unfolds for you, please email me and we will share this with our Unity community.


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