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By April 25, 2016 April 28th, 2017 Daily Word

I rest in the simplicity of life– Daily Word 25th April 2016

“Tis the gift to be simple, tis the gift to be free”

 Traditional Shaker Hymn

Today’s Daily Word message reminds us of the simplicity of life and how even in the midst of confusion there is always simplicity.  We live in what is often seen to be a very complex world; information is continually bombarding us and we have a huge number of choices.  We may indeed crave a simpler life, perhaps without technology and growing our own food.

Finding the simplicity of life does not have to be about giving up everything we know, unless that is truly our choice.  Finding simplicity of life begins in this moment: taking a moment to breathe, look around and recognise ourselves in this moment; perhaps this is the essence of being alive.

When we stop and really tune in we can connect with the stillness within. And then we may choose to recognise the simplicity of drinking a cup of tea, chewing a piece of food, or taking a single step. We may choose to do this in a mindful fashion. At once we are both resting in the simplicity and may marvel at the complexity of a simple action.

You may choose to make this a regular practice, stopping in the middle of an action to wonder at the moment; resting in that moment. And perhaps we will recognise that when we are in the gift of simplicity, we truly have the gift of being free.


By Ruth Humphreys, Daily Word UK Editor

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