The Power of Repetition

“I love and approve of myself.”

Maggy Whitehouse led an excellent workshop recently, in which she reminded us of the power of repetition.

For some time Maggy has used this Louise Hay affirmation, I love and approve of myself,
repeating it out loud to herself, quite quickly and without pause, 100 times, twice a day.

We practiced saying it out loud together as a group, (it took just a few minutes) spoke about how it felt and were then invited to continue doing this at home for 6 weeks.

It can feel a bit uncomfortable doing this sort of thing, especially us Brits. We are not encouraged to think let alone speak this sort of thing, because it can strike so much as being of the ego mind.

What it is good to remember, however, is that we are loved and approved of more than we can ever know. Yet we block the experience of love because we criticise ourselves for all we think we do wrong, then feel bad about ourselves and get stuck there.

So I pass on Maggy’s invitation to each of you. There is great value in repetition as we re-programme our brains to think in a new way. After years of critical self talk, 6 weeks of positive talk is not such a lot, is it!

If you get any resistance, or feelings that rise up, keep going, gently and lovingly. This is not a forceful exercise – it is an exercise of self-loving. And look out for the changes that you will experience in you and those around you, for they will happen.


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