I let go and believe

“I let go of struggle, resistance and doubt
and open know to love, wholeness and true peace.”

Following on from our Maidenhead Sunday Gathering recently and Nancy’s excellent message, I Believe in Release ( watch the video here) , this thought (above) came to me in a reply to a recent prayer request.

When we can allow ourselves to believe that there really is only one presence and one power and that this presence is always here for our good, (Unity’s first principle) as individuals and for the whole of life on earth, it is so much easier to let go. This is why faith is the first of our twelve powers (as developed by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, Unity co-founders).

It is the practice of faith that is key in changing our lives. And the very best tools to help us in our practice are prayer and meditation.

In Unity, prayer is not to petition God for favours but instead, “it is for the purpose of making us receptive to the good that we are asking.” (Myrtle Fillmore) This is why letting go is so important. Following this release, Myrtle advised all those she wrote and spoke with to declare strong, positive statements of Truth. Here is one of Myrtle’s replies to someone requesting prayer for healing:

“Send out thoughts and words and feelings that you are the strong, healthy, free, wise, powerful, beautiful, obedient (to God’s voice in your heart), successful child of God. Tell the organs of digestion and elimination that they are intelligent and strong and active and ready to do their God-appointed work. Praise your stomach, your heart, your lungs, your intestines, your kidneys, your liver and your muscles and veins and your legs and feet and arms for their perfection and their good work.”

After we pray we meditate – we wait for God with expectation and openness in the silence. Once we make this a regular daily practice, we begin to change and see changes around us – this is the activity of God at work. And this is the cornerstone of Unity and the ministry of prayer we are honoured to practice with you.

Rev. Kimerie Mapletoft


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