I have value and worth

By May 28, 2018 December 6th, 2019 Spiritual Healing, Uncategorized, Unity Ideas and Values

“I have value and worth for I am a child of God.


Each of us is precious in God’s sight. For each of us is of God. Not separate, not other than, but of God. And being of God, each of us has deep value and worth, much to give and therefore much to receive; even those who have different values to yours.

So take time this week, dear friend, to feel into the deep knowing that you, and everyone, has value and worth. Find a way to appreciate who and what you are. Then you will be able to recognise this truth in others, while remembering that wherever you are, God is; for God is the life you breathe, the light you see by and the love that loves through you.

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