“The hands of God are at the ends of my arms.”

This time of year many of us refocus on who we are and our purpose – why am I here?What do I want to achieve? What is my goal?

Have you ever thought that your reason for being here is to be the Light of God in human form? To be the Love of God expressing? And to grow in this awareness of beauty, light, life and loving kindness as your Truth? I have heard it said that the hands of God are at the ends of our arms! I also believe that the love of God expresses through our hearts.

I suggest you, and each of us, are here for a profound reason. This is not small; it is grand. It is expansive, empowering, healing, uplifting. It is bringing the awareness of Light to our amazing planet and all of us who live upon it.

And you, each of us, is here to express and be the Light in our own unique way. Even if it does feels small sometimes, every act adds to the whole. Every grain of sand makes up the beach. (I think of the film It’s A Wonderful Life.)

This year, once more, I invite you to open to being the best Presence of God you came here to be. And know that, as we make this our focus for 2018 that, together, the Light is expressed and known.

-Rev Kimerie Mapletoft


Silent Unity UK is part of Unity’s international prayer ministry, dedicated to joining you in confidential and affirmative prayer.

Allow us to join you in prayer for all people or events you hold in heart and mind so that we may connect with the limitless potential here, now, for us all. Call: 01628 628916      E-mail


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