I envision all people coming together in unity.

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“I envision all people coming together in unity.”

We invite you to join us in prayer every day, starting today and continuing throughout Lent, holding a vision of all people coming together in unity.

Twice each day at our 9 am and 12 pm prayer service we will be holding this thought:

I envision all people coming together in unity.

Knowing you are joining us in your own prayer time, makes the thought powerful indeed.

As we let go of fear and align with Love as our truth, as much as we can, for the next 10 weeks, we bless ourselves and our world.

So, if there is any local or world event that is causing you concern or fear, let us pray and know together that positive, creative solutions are possible right now.

Let us know in heart and mind, through the power of united prayer, that our world leaders are finding a way to work together in harmony and wisdom, making right judgements that enable the greater good for the whole. As we continue to let go of our personal demands on how this should look, and know that God is present in the whole, here with us, expressing as us now, we are also able to take right action where needed, knowing we come from love not fear.

If you would like to join us in this world prayer, e-mail us and let us know you are part of this vision for the world. Bless you and thank you for your prayers.

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