I bless the earth through loving thoughts and actions

By April 22, 2016 Daily Word, Uncategorized

Today we celebrate and bless our earthly home, seeing it whole and well, we hold it and all it’s inhabitants in prayer. As we pray we see the ground healed and soothed, we see the mountains standing tall. We see healthy seas and rivers and lakes, crystal clear. We envision and recognise our world as heaven on earth.

We hold in prayer and bless all the beings of the earth, the animals, birds, mammals, insects, fish and all life. We bless all the plants, the trees and the flowers, we give thanks for all they give us, their beauty and their life giving oxygen.

We bless and thank all people of every age, culture, race and religion. We are one with each other and the earth.  We hold the whole earth in prayers of peace, love and gratitude.

And so it is. Amen

And then we may ask the question, What is mine to do? Listen for the answer and take loving action.


This blog post was inspired by Daily Word and Earth Day.

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