I am willing

By October 21, 2016 Thought for the week

“I am willing to enter the stillness” 

Just a few more thoughts on meditation, as it can be very daunting trying something new.

  1. Enter with the childlike trust of a child.
  1. Focusing on the breath, in and out and the space in-between, is the perfect start.
  1. Or use a simple affirmation to gently focus the mind on: Peace, be still.
  1. Relax without forceful thinking that something must happen.
  1. Wait with expectation for good results, without anticipating what they will be.
  1. Set the same time and place each day, and practice. It took Charles Fillmore many, many months before he started to notice a difference.

There is no doubt in my mind that meditation is the perfect tool to help us access the Mind of God, where all good is known.

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