I am Willing 

After surrendering our will to Divine will, there is action to take. We follow through.

We have heard the whisper of God in our minds and hearts. Now we make a conscious choice to take right action. We take this step, committing to the path it entails. This can take courage and strength, and is to be aligned with wisdom and love.  We keep checking in to stay open to Divine guidance.

Through all of this, it is our willingness to stay true to our path that sustains us. Even if we cannot see the end results, or perhaps not even know what they are, we are willing to stay true to who we are, an individualised expression of God, Presence, Source, Divine Mind.

As we commit to our path, all of creation comes together to support and enable us. We feel energised and encouraged.

‘I am willing’ is a powerful statement that reminds us to stay true, even if we don’t feel like it. As we do, even more good unfolds before us to live, to know, to be. Life is an exciting adventure, when we are willing.


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