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From the very first moment I walked through the door of Unity House, back in July 2002, I connected with its teaching that ‘the power of God is within us’.

In our western culture at least, we are often taught that we are the result of our DNA, upbringing and culture, forgetting about our inner, spiritual being that is always present. It seems to me that we are encouraged to look out into the world for our answers and to fix the problems, forgetting that the real power actually lies within us and its name, as our spiritual identity, is I AM.

This idea goes way back to Exodus 3:14, when Moses asked God His name and was told, ‘I am what I am’ (or I am who I am). Further, God tells Moses to go to the Israelites and tell them ‘I AM has sent me to you’.

Unity author, Elizabeth Sand Turner in her book, Let There Be Light, writes that whenever we go forth in this spirit, as our spiritual self, others will have confidence and follow, for we are not going as just a human being, but as an expression of God in form.

This sounds really grand – and actually what does it mean? Let us explore.

In Unity you will hear people say to be aware of the words you use following your ‘I AM’ statement – without thinking we say things like, I am hungry, I am a diabetic, I am overwhelmed, I am stupid etc.  This is like saying, as Richard and Mary-Alice Jafolla describe in The Quest, my very nature is hungry, my real identity is stupid, etc. Look how we describe ourselves and see ourselves. Without thinking, our words and therefore our energy are limited, expressing the opposite of what we actually want and desire.

In the Gospel of John it is written that Jesus spoke wonderful examples of his I AM nature:

  • I AM the resurrection and the life
  • I AM the light of the world
  • I AM the way, the truth and the life


Throughout history, many have seen these statements as reflections of Jesus’ personal identity; the statements being all about him. However in Unity, we see them as Jesus expressing his divine or spiritual identity: God active in and as him. He claimed out loud the truth he knew that God in him,

  • is the resurrection and the life
  • is the light of the world:
  • is the way, the truth and the life.

In Unity we firmly believe that the same Christ energy that Jesus expressed is also the spiritual identity of everyone to live and express.

So how can we get in touch with this I AM energy? God in us is constant, unchanging, ever-present. Another term we can use is Pure Consciousness (or Super Consciousness): That which is through all and is all, at the deeper level of awareness.

We can learn to connect with Pure Consciousness via our I AM identity. We begin by stepping back from our habitual thinking and feeling; by relaxing tension in the body, connecting with our heart centres to open into love and relaxing our ever-vocal chatty minds; by getting still and opening to the love that is God as Pure Consciousness in us. As we step back, we begin to make space and can now become aware of the observer part of us that witnesses all we do, yet never changes, never demands anything of us and is the source of our energy, life, joy and peace.

Instead of relating to our human self alone, we can begin to re-connect with Pure Consciousness as our I AM; as the still small voice within us. As we learn to relax into our I AM identity we can simply rest here, without putting any demands onto it, without adding anything else at all – simply resting in I AM. Here is spaciousness; here is real joy, bliss and every-lasting peace.

To conclude, how do we connect with God in us and be an expression of God in human form? We can practice speaking positive, uplifting and supportive I AM statements to reflect our desired human experiences. And we can practice letting go of the limiting human responses to connect with our spiritual identity, our I AM that is God in and as us, simply resting as I AM. The more we do this, the calmer, more productive, healthier and joyful we become. We know what is ours to do in the world and we can do it, just as Moses did in leading the Israelites out of Egypt.

The power most definitely is within us.



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