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By August 2, 2018 Prayer

Prayer is the heart and soul of Unity. We began as a movement because of the power of prayer in the 1880’s, which enabled Myrtle Fillmore and then others around her to experience their healing.

Prayer takes many forms and there is no right or wrong way to pray – simply the way that works best for you, just as Thomas W. Shepherd writes in his book, The Many Faces of Prayer (a well researched and thought out book).

Traditionally we pray to a God that is somehow outside of us, that sees, hears and responds to us. This brings a sense of comfort and support, opening us to a deeper sense of awe and gratitude. All of this is a beautiful, loving way to connect with the power of Life, Love and Intelligence that is God. Thomas Shepherd calls this, ‘Letting God in’.

There is also another way to pray which Rev Shepherd calls, ‘Letting God out’.  This is when we take time to sit quietly to develop our awareness of the divine within and let that flow from our inner being. Eric Butterworth, Unity author and minister called this, ‘releasing the inner splendour’, ‘living in the Divine Flow’. He wrote in his essay, ‘The Truth in a Nutshell’ that ‘We live in the Presence…we live in God’.

Personally I find that there are times when I pray calling out for help, guidance and support, needing the experience of a personal God to help me in my human problems.  However, more often now, I take time to be still, centre myself in the deeper experience of ‘God and I are one’, and allow the God energy, in whatever form I wish to experience this, to rise up within me and remind me that the truth and answers I seek are within me now, enabling me to know them for and as my truth now.

We say in Unity that we pray to change us – to align us with the ever-present, all-power activity that is God expressing through and as us.  We can do this either way – we let God in or we let God out. It really doesn’t matter as much as the fact that we do pray: We pray into the ‘deeper knowing’ that we are not alone and are forever part of the majesty and mystery of God and the Universe.

So, dear reader, pray in whatever way serves you best. Whether it is to a God you experience outside of you, and/or to God as being-itself, as Paul Tillich, one of the most respected theologians of his day, declared God to be. Pray to connect with God-energy and thereby with your highest good.

When we hold our 25th annual World Day of Prayer on Thursday 13th September, it will not matter one bit how we pray. Again, what is important is that we pray together. For this Unity world-wide event enables us to connect with our Unity praying family for more than 24 hours of continuous worldwide prayer across all the time zones.

You are warmly invited to be part of this powerful prayer-filled day, wherever you are. Prayer really does make a difference. Prayer changes us and prayer changes our world; one prayer, one gift of love, at a time.

If you would like to join us, complete the order form online with your name, the time you will be joining us and the names of anyone you would like us to hold in prayer with you. All the details can be found on the website, including the activities happening at Silent Unity in the UK and at the Unity centres in London. Every name shared is held in confidential trust, never shared with others and lovingly held in the knowing of God as being-itself blessing each one now.


You can commit now to being part of this world-wide prayerful activity that really does makes a difference. And if you are holding any prayer events where you are, let us know and we will post them on the UK website.

Truly, prayer changes us. Be part of the change you wish to experience and join us in prayer Thursday 13th September, 2018.



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