General Information for starting up a Unity Home Study Group

 Would you like to start a Unity home study or prayer group? If so, we are here to support you.

• A home study group is a group of people who come together regularly for a time of prayer, meditation, study and fellowship.

• Unity is non-denominational and welcomes all who are interested in learning more about themselves and the Unity way of understanding, prayer and practice.

• The groups can be led by anyone with a desire to learn more about themselves and Unity, as a practical and spiritual way of living.

• In most cases these meetings take place regularly in a group member’s home. However you set the frequency, time and place of your meetings, including on-line meetings and ‘Café Church’.

Examples of Types of Unity Home Study Groups

• Daily Word, Meditation and Prayer Group

• Discussion Group

• Quest Group.

• Other suggestions considered. (Please call to discuss.)
Guidelines in running your Unity Home Study Group

• Keep to a regular time even if the others are unable to attend.

• To help you set the mood you may like to light a candle and play some calming or inspiring music.

• Begin your time together with prayer inviting God to be the focus of your time together. Prayer is one of the key activities in a Unity home study group. The use of prayer ensures those who pray that “The Spirit of the Lord is upon us” and that God’s good is being done regardless of seeming appearances. We can help you with this if you wish us to.

• As much as possible, refrain from discussing personal issues or world conditions during this time, unless offering them up for prayer. The meetings are focused on understanding rather than fixing.
• You may like to collect a love offering each meeting to cover the cost of tea and biscuits for the end of the session.


The Prayer Room at Boyn Hill Avenue, 2006

Daily Word, Meditation and Prayer Group

• Reading the Daily Word is a good way to begin the meeting. We suggest everyone in the group take it in turns to read. This can be followed by a period of silence and meditation, where the group is encouraged to meditate upon the reading for them selves.

• To guide you through a time of prayer you can download the monthly Silent Unity Prayer Sheet by logging on to:
This is a wonderful opportunity to enfold loved ones in prayer by calling their names out into the quiet time of prayer.

• All prayer is confidential and never discussed outside the meeting. If you would like some guidelines in how Unity prays, do get in touch.

• This can lead you into a time of meditation. The book, Meditation for Dummies provides a lot of good, easy information to help guide you through leading various meditations, especially if you have not done this before.

• End each session in repeating the Prayer of Protection together, with a prayer of thanksgiving for all that has been experienced and revealed during the time together. We have Prayer of Protection cards we can send you for each member in your group.

• If you have any questions or would like some further help in setting up a prayer and meditation group, we would be delighted to support you in this. Contact Kimerie Mapletoft on 01628 628915.

Discussion Group

• If you would like to set this up, please call us and we will work with you in discussing good Unity books you can work with. Two possible books to begin are “Unity, A Quest for Truth” by Eric Butterworth and “The Five Principles” by Ellen Debenport.

• Begin and end each meeting with a time of prayer. Reading the Daily Word to begin is a good way of settling the group.

• Agreement should be reached within the group regarding what format the study of the book will take.

• Group participation is encouraged; we have some guidelines we can send you so that everyone feels heard without being told what to do or feeling interrupted.

Quest Study Group – A 48 week course

• This is not suitable as a beginners group. However after your group is established, if you would like to follow this course do contact us.

To register your group or for further help email: