Holding a Vision

By June 8, 2017 Uncategorized

“I hold a vision, and stay excited and open to all possibilities.”

I have a friend and work colleague who is leaving the UK and returning to her home country of America. When she told me her news, I found myself feeling happy for her and sad for me at the same time, as it feels like I am loosing a friend.

I have been honouring these very human feelings of sadness and grief and found this honours both of us, too.  And, as I allow my feelings to rise, I have made space to move through them and out the other side, where love and light reside.

Now I can begin to see new possibilities of good opening that were not obvious before. I

can now get excited, knowing new good is unfolding for my friend in so many ways. And I can now get excited about new possibilities opening here. We will of course stay in touch; these days it is so much easier to do this. And a space is being made for new friendships and relationships for both of us.

There is an old-fashioned saying: When one door closes another door opens. So I hold the faith-filled knowing that there is a limitless potential for good here for all of us right now. And I hold the vision, imagine with excitement, the new good that is right now coming forth. As I make this real in my imagination, as if it is happening here and now, the good unfolds in even greater ways for everyone.

Perhaps you have a vision you can hold, to make real here and now.

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