Meditative Prayer- Heart Opening

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This is the heart of the year.  The longest day is almost here; the start of summer. This season is familiar, expected – and yet how sudden it can appear to be. A few short weeks ago the air was chill, leaves scarcely open on the trees, flowers few and birds silent.

Yet within a few days of warmth and sun, the air fills with scent and birdsong, the fields with lambs and new-born calves and already farmers are mowing their meadows.

June really does seem to be “busting out all over” – with newness, joy, freedom and the promise of abundance now and more to come.

And that is how we can feel each and every day as we open our heart — to the light, warmth and promise that is ready to “bust out all over” in us and through us. That readiness is the truth of us, the reality of our being, the ‘higher self’, the “Christ in you the hope of glory” (Col. 1:27).  All we have to do is let it! Let it burst through the doubt, the worry and the negativity of appearances.       Let it!



Is that true? It can sound glib, superficial or even meaningless. What is ‘open your heart’?   What is ‘let it burst through’?

It can simply mean ‘let go, let God’. Or ‘always look on the bright side’ or ‘use the power of positive thinking’.

Yes: It can be that simple – and that difficult! And if so then what is the difficulty, the problem, the obstacle to freedom and joy?

The greatest obstacle is “Yeah, but……”  Yeah, but … I’m special and different … my health, my money worries, my family … look at the world’s problems.  Yeah, but I can’t believe in a God that puts thing right ……  So, it doesn’t work, because I never tried it.

Our ‘Yeah buts’ are often unconscious efforts to allay our fears by projecting them onto outer things. However, when we learn to “let go” and to turn within ~ in calm and confident prayer ~ we can discover a state of ‘no needs’ and no fear.


So let’s turn to the solution, without the ‘yeah buts’: Meditative reflection and prayer.

Unity has no creeds, no ‘must believes’. Most unity students simply say, ‘Here’s what I do and here’s how it changes my life. I changed the way I see the world and I’m happy. Try it if you like.’

It may happen in an instant or take months or years of our life. But the rewards are beyond any material gains (though they may result as well). And the journey can be fun.


Unity offers so many helping tools, all based around meditative reflection and prayer.  Services, retreats, study groups, courses and inspiring literature are invaluable. And Daily Word and Unity magazines offer help enabling us all to share in the greatest spiritual tool of all – meditative prayer.


Together we open our hearts and minds and open our world to an awareness of love, peace and joy.


By Rev Ken Bradley 


Ken will be our speaker at our service in Maidenhead on 16th June. Click here for more details and to join us in person or online.




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