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Healing waters

The experience of healing is something that all of us go through at some point in our lives. It may be something simple like a cold, or more complicated like cancer.

Whatever is going on for us, I believe that a healing need happens to bring us back to a conscious awareness of what is going on for us and how we are to respond, in the present moment.

Our lives and our minds are so busy with so many distractions that we forget to really look after ourselves. We forget, or choose not to take of our minds, hearts and bodies, and eventually they get our attention.

When I get a healing need, I use it as an opportunity to ask myself what is going on for me and what do I need to do. If I get a cold I know I am to stop and rest; give my self time off from all that I think needs to be done to the important task of looking after myself. Other times there is a more proactive need – such as seeing a doctor or specialist.

As we stop and get present to ourselves, we ‘make space’ to experience God in us as our inner wisdom and guidance. It is really important to listen. If there is action to be taken we keep our faith on God within us as our inner guidance and wisdom, and call on our divine qualities of strength and good judgement to follow through.

One of the most important aspects of healing for me, however, is connecting with Love that is not just within us, it is the truth of us. Love in this context is unconditional acceptance, loving kindness and compassion to our selves. Bryon Katie teaches us to love what is. This is because, I believe, as we connect with Love, this God-felt experience enables the healing to occur. Any resistance we have to the problem encourages the problem, for we are always adding our energy to the mix.

So let us, in whatever healing challenge is happening, find Love within. For me, Love is the activity of God at work through me and as me. As I listen, love and wait, I become aware of what is mine to do and not do. I then take the steps I am guided to take and I know that healing is happening. I speak words of release (by continuing to forgive and stop giving power to the problem) and affirm words of life and truth with feeling and gratitude.

When we keep our focus on God as Love, Life, Strength, Wisdom and Power expressing through and as me, we open the door to our healing.

So, if you are going through a healing challenge, please do not make it wrong. Love and bless your self and this opportunity to know wholeness as your truth. In every moment you have the God-felt opportunity to reconnect with who you are – a beautiful expression of God, with all of God available in every moment to enable your experience of healing.


  • Evelyn Willis says:

    Your message could not have reached me at a more appropriate time. I am comforted by the text of your message and have requested that you pray with me that God will give me increased faith and strength to deal with any health challenges I am facing.

    • Unity UK says:

      Thank you Evelyn. We are honoured that this came to you at the perfect time and join you in prayer affirming your wholeness, strength and faith. Blessings

  • Janice Gushway says:

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful and inspiring healing message. I always knew that whenever a healing occurs. It is my divine self that is actually taking me to a different level of understanding about healing.

    You have confirmed this in your message. I am so grateful to you. . Knowing that it is all God.


    • Unity UK says:

      Isn’t it wonderful to know that the divine power of God is always present and active, within, through and as us.
      Bless you, Janice.


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