Happy New Year, Happy New You

By January 1, 2019 January 3rd, 2019 Newsletter, Unity Ideas and Values

January is often seen as a time of new beginning and possibilities. As the old year draws to a close and the new one stretches out invitingly before us, there is a spirit of newness in the air; the anticipation of longer days; the desire for new inspiration and experiences we want to set in motion.

We in Unity have this same desire. Together, let us use the turning of the year as an opportunity for change, both inner and outer. Change that you have perhaps dreamed of making but not yet dared to do, or thought you could do. So what is inspiring and exciting you for the year ahead?

Are you looking to deepen your spiritual study and development – Unity is here to support you, anticipating connecting with you in new ways.

Have you the need of improved health and strength? Take hold of the realisation that God is your life, inner and outer; that your body is the temple of the living God and affirm,

“The life-giving power of God is right now active in and through me.”

Are you looking to experience greater prosperity or guidance? Now is the perfect time to renew your vision and to see yourself as prospered, assured of your constant and abundant supply, even more aware of your inner God-inspired wisdom and understanding, guiding you day by day as you affirm,

“God is the light that guides me and the abundant source of all my supply.”

Are you in need of greater peace and harmony in your life? Do you long to feel closer to your family and friends; to be understanding of others as well as be understood? This is the time to enter into newness; to open your mind and heart to know the love of God and let this love find expression through you, affirming,

“I am a willing channel of God’s love in expression.”

To consciously enter into the New Year with such new thoughts and feelings is good and inspiring. However, do not feel discouraged if you are not immediately able to be the changed person and have the changed life. If you find yourself reverting to old thoughts and habits, pause, breathe and remember that God is with and within you as all-good. Remind yourself that God is your Source and you can never be separated from Source. And know with us that it is God within you that is inspiring new thoughts, ideas and expressions in you, for God knows your fullest potential and forever desires to be expressed through you in this most positive way.

In your every endeavour and desire we are with you in prayer. Just call, write or email Silent Unity and we will support you with faithful and confidential prayer for thirty days. We pray affirming that this New Year is a time of open doors and the deeper, expanded knowing of your spiritual identity and eternal Source.

Dear friend, we are honoured to be part of your spiritual journey. It is our joy to support you in every way we can. Together we can create and live our dreams and desires to bless us and our entire world.

Kimerie Mapletoft

Director of Silent Unity and Daily Word UK

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