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By November 26, 2019 Thought for the week

We are not responsible for anyone else’s happiness, nor can we take away anyone’s emotional pain. These can feel like really hard statements to read as we automatically want to help. We care. But when we get still with these words we can also feel relief.

This is because the truth is that we can never make anyone feel better, just as no one can ever make us feel better – not in a permanent way. This is not ours to do and truthfully we know this. Indeed, it is through our painful thoughts and feelings that we know something is wrong, showing us there are places where we can grow.

However, we can be with each other, as the expression of unconditional love.

We can ask them what serves them best and be with them as they ask, as long as it does not work against our integrity.

We can give the silent gift of loving prayer, seeing beyond any human limitations to the underlying truth of their perfection and wholeness, holding them in the knowing that God is their source of love, light and peace, with them, as them, always.

And we can be the example by being and doing all that enables us to experience and live our own happiness.

We are not here to make other people feel better. That is not our business. We are here to be the love that each of us is. And as we do this together, the consciousness on our planet will shift and we will come together in greater harmony and peace on earth.

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