God is, I AM

By February 21, 2019 Thought for the week

“You can only become what you already are.”
Eric Butterworth, Practical Metaphysics

This statement can be one that lifts the soul – we already are that which we seek. There is nothing outside of us, separate from us, to learn, to get, to become; instead it is the revealing of what we already are.

It is another way of recognising the truth of the statement we looked at last week:
‘Then God said,

“Let us make humankind in our image, according to our likeness.”‘ Genesis 1:26

As Eric Butterworth writes in the book, Practical Metaphysics, ‘you can’t get a fig out of a maple tree. You can’t become something that you do not already have the potential to become.’

So instead of striving to become more spiritual, more peaceful, more joyful etc, our task is to let go of what is in the way of our potential being revealed. Not every fig tree will produce figs. However, if it is nurtured and looked after, the figs will grow.

So our role is, most definitely, to nurture and look after ourselves so our potential can be revealed. We do this by taking time each day in prayer and meditation, to make contact with the Divine in us. But also let us take great comfort in knowing, and thus allowing, our True Self to be revealed.



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